Our Story

LaTawnya had been offered the opportunity to attend a conference that could

mean a significant break for her corporate career. As she was preparing she was looking for ways to look professional, so she would be heard by a corporate audience that aren’t really receptive to afros or kinks. She had to adjust her natural hair with authentic but affordable hair extensions that she could wear for this event and be able to keep and re-use again and again.

She found a hair store at a local mall and bought a set of human hair extensions for about $150, then she had them installed by a licensed professional stylist. But result was disappointing to say the least. After just two weeks the hair started shedding and getting horribly matted and lifeless. And the extensions didn’t even blend in naturally with her own hair, it just looked fake.

All that money to look professional and the result was poor and cheap looking…There had to be better alternatives than that. So with the help of her friend, Simone, LaTawnya started searching for other hair extension companies that would offer higher quality extensions.

That proved to be much harder than they had thought. The extensions they could find were either super expensive or poorly made and fake looking. And most often they were both grossly overpriced and of a disappointing quality.

The conclusion to their research was that the industry was taking advantage of the demand for authentic virgin hair extensions, to make a huge profit. Something they decided to change right then and there, and start their own hair extension line, Elite Southern Tresses (EST Luxe Hair).

What started out of necessity to be taken serious, quickly became a passion. LaTawnya and Simone fell in love with sourcing real authentic hair extensions to compliment their roles in the corporate world. Suddenly they could pull off hairstyles that they normally couldn’t with their own unruly hair, because it was too time consuming to manage.

We know that appearance does matter in the professional as well as social world, unfortunately we cannot change that. But we can give women like us the chance to take control of their look and not let unruly hair or visibly fake extensions stand between them and the opportunities they want to pursue. We offer extensions that are extremely discreet, because it is not easy to look professional — or attractive for that matter — when wefts are visibly showing through your hair.

EST Luxe Hair source our products via an exclusive, controlled process from the first step to the last. That way we can ensure that none of our products are supporting exploitation of women living in poverty and are made in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

Our collections offer 100% single donor virgin, machine wefted hair from Southeast Asia including but not limited to Cambodia, Burma, Laos, and Myanmar. Our wefts are the thinnest in the industry, and for that reason they have to be super strong and still remain pliable. For that reason we hand select every item that we sell, to guarantee only the highest quality.

Don’t pay overprice for low quality products! EST Luxe Hair offer true value for your money and we stand by all the products in our web shop by using them ourselves. Order your quality extensions right here on our website and never be disappointed again!